Programming Resources

A collection of FREE Resources to continue learning how to program


We decided to put together a list of resources so that our students can build even more awesome projects at the next hackathon. The resources are all free and can be accessed with just an internet connection, enjoy!

Start here: these are all great tutorials to get an interactive intro to different programming concepts:
Code Combat
Code Avengers

For more advanced students we also added some more challenging courses.

These two websites will let you choose what you want to learn: language, iphone/android apps, video games etc:
Khan Academy

And lastly here is a collection of some other resources to learn more:
Teach Kids Programming
100 Learning Resources for Kids

As you can see there are countless ways to learn programming online and a lot of them are free.

Parents, feel free to check these out too if you ever wanted to learn more about computers or app building. It's never too late to learn :)

And remember the most important thing is to have fun!
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